Application Process

Step 1: Start Application

You can start the application process by applying online below. (Co-signer is required). Please ensure to state which unit type you are applying for

Please send a refundable $150.00 deposit to
Once approved, we will apply it to your key and fob deposit for your lease. If your application is declined, we will refund you. We will not process an application until we receive a deposit.

Step 2: Book a Viewing

Please schedule a viewing with us by booking an appointment below or by sending us an email at or a message on Facebook Messenger.

Step 3: Sign Lease

We will send you your lease via email to sign through online signatures.

Step 4: Move In

We are almost done! The last step is upon move in, you conduct a Move-In Inspection with one of our representatives. This will help identify any deficiencies that exist prior to your occupancy.