Sublet Process

About Subletting

With a sublet, the original tenant is responsible for all the terms under the lease and you must collect the rent from the sublet on your own. All rental payments are the responsibility of the original tenant and will continue to be paid to the landlord. Any damage to the unit caused by the sublet is the original tenant's responsibility and will be liable.

If your lease is ending and the sublet is currently residing in the unit, it is your responsibility to collect the keys from the sublet, and arrange a move out inspection with our superintendent.
There is a $150 fee for subletting your unit. Sublet applications will not be processed until we receive the sublet fee from the original tenant. The sublet fee is non-refundable.
1. Inform us you are looking to sublet your unit by sending an email to or through the Tenant Portal. Please ensure to specify the purpose and unit number.
2. Send $150 sublet fee to the respective building email
3. Please ensure you are screening your own sublets ahead of time as they are your responsibility.
4. Please have your sublet submit an application below. Please ensure they specify the unit number. Their application will be reviewed by CPPI Group Inc. and the current tenant will receive a confirmation regarding sublet approval within 1 week if sublet fee is received.

Sublet Application

Please submit an application by applying online below.